Working With Other Care Professionals 

One of the fundamental reasons for establishing Nash Homecare is to provide a care service that looks holistically at the needs and wellbeing of an individual. By taking this approach we work closely with health and social care professionals by fully understanding their patient’s home care needs and delivering a professional service to improve patient outcomes.  

Through our links with Nash Chemists, we have been able to build strong working relationships with local GP surgeries, District nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Hospital Discharge Coordinators, Social Workers and various other care professionals. We believe our services can help bridge the gap between health and social care which allows us to gain a more rounded understanding of our clients. This understanding can help improve the wellbeing of our clients and can assist in achieving positive patient outcomes.

Care professionals can feel confident that when referring patients and clients  to us that they will receive the highest standard of care in their home. We ensure this by employing quality carers who undergo a rigorous selection and training programme which enable them to provide excellent one to one care. Our carers are trained to monitor, manage and respond to existing care needs as well as flagging up changes in needs, which can potentially reduce emergency hospital admissions.

Our hospital to home service means we can assist with a smooth transition of care from the hospital environment back into a patient’s home. We work with discharge coordinators to understand the patient’s condition and their care plan requirements.  We can also help manage adjustments that may be needed at home to assist patient recovery, potentially reducing hospital re-admissions.   

We have a strong on focus helping our clients manage their medicines correctly, and all our employees undergo extensive training and assessment on areas such as:

  • Common types of medication and their use
  • Procedures and techniques for the administration of medication
  • How to prepare for the administration of medication
  • Administering and monitoring medication
  • Safely receiving, storing and disposing of medication
  • Rights of the individual when managing their medication
  • Recording and reporting on the use of medication


We believe that by offering a professional medicines management service to our clients we can reduce wastage of medicine, which is estimated to cost the NHS in excess of £300million a year.  

By having the support of our in-house pharmacist our carers have access to a clinical professional to answer questions regarding their client’s conditions or medication 24 hours a day. Therefore our carers can also support clients to manage their minor ailments, which can reduce unnecessary visits to their GP or A&E departments.

Click the link to download our professional partnerships brochure.

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